Caught yourself staring at your friend’s radiant skin while meeting for a coffee with her? Thinking about all these super models and their perfect skin? Then the tips below are perfect for you to help achieve natural, healthy and radiant skin.

Stay Hydrated, Stick to a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Probably this is nothing new for you, but it is so important: Your skin is the reflection of what you put into your body every day. An unhealthy diet does have an effect on your skin. Also, try to stay hydrated. Not only will your skin improve but also does drinking plenty of water benefit your whole body, it makes you feel awake and helps your digestion. And there is probably no need to AGAIN stress that exercising is not only good for your body shape but also for your skin. 🙂

Find the Dermatologist You Trust and Stick to the Right Products

Similar to our regular body checkups, we should regularly see a dermatologist and stop self-diagnosing our skin issues. It is not only important regarding mole checks with a view to preventing skin cancer but also to find the right products for your skin. Once you have tested and confirmed your choice, try to stick with these products and do not always try to change for “the newest skin care trend”. Because on the one hand, products may take some time until you see the results and on the other, it is difficult for your skin to adjust if you switch products too often.

Have “No Makeup Times”

In general, try to avoid wearing too much makeup. It is an additional layer on your skin which makes it difficult for the pores to get enough oxygen. It does not mean that you should stop wearing makeup completely – we all want to look good at the office or when you go out. However, try to give your skin some rest time as well. There are certain occasions where you should avoid wearing makeup, such as at the gym or when sunbathing. The additional makeup layer will just turn into a mask when you sweat and might cause impurities.

Never Ever Fall Asleep without Removing Your Make up

We all know this: after a long day or a crazy party night we are tempted not to wash our face and fall asleep immediately. But this is one of the worst things you can do to your skin and can result in irritation or acne.

Do not Touch your Skin!

This is a very basic piece of advice but I found it to be true: stop touching your skin during the day. Even if we regularly wash our hands, they are dirty from things like touching keyboards, dumbbells and shaking hands. If you constantly touch your face or scratch yourself these particles will stay on your skin and may result in skin impurities.

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