Winter is nearly over and our hair also needs to get ready for the warm season. In spring, I always feel like trying something new. What is the transformation you are thinking about? Maybe short hair? Before you take that step, let me share my checklist with you. I did this after one really bad experience with a short bob that made me unhappy for weeks. I wanted to avoid going through that in the future. It might sound silly to have a checklist for cutting your hair, but it is a big transformation, therefore, I would recommend you to be prepared.

1. Do You REALLY Want a Short Haircut?

Is it just a phase or do you really want short hair? If you cut it and you end up not liking it that much, it will take weeks to grow back. Therefore, think about it if you really want to take this step. Ask yourself if you can live with that hairstyle for some weeks, even if it does not turn out to be perfect.

2. Is this Particular Hairstyle the Right Fit for You?

Before taking this step, talk to your trusted hairdresser if the style that you are aiming for will suit you. On the one hand, consider the shape of your face. On the other, take into account the type of hair. I have really think hair, for example. Therefore, a lot of the hairstyles look completely different than the ones I see in the magazines. One strategy could be to take it slow and not cut it completely short but take it in two to three steps to get used to the look.

3. Are You Prepared for High Maintenance?

When I cut my hair unprepared, I thought short hair will be much less maintenance. I was completely wrong – it took me double the time to get ready. Be prepared to spend more time styling your hair – most of the time, ponytails or ballerina buns will not work anymore. Therefore, you have to be prepared to style your hair every day. Moreover, you will also need to go to the hairdresser more often to maintain the haircut.

If you answered all the questions with “yes”, you are ready. Good luck with your transformation!


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