Number 3 of our Beginners’ Glamour Guide! Today I show you the basics: you can have the most beautiful eye-makup or lipstick but if your foundation is not perfect, the whole look looks messy. But do not worry, it is quite easy to apply foundation. There are a lot of different ways to do it, I will present you the routine that works best for me 🙂

1. Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer is your best friend. Before applying your foundation, use your moisturizer. I usually apply the cream 5-10 minutes before I apply the foundation. I let it seep in and then use a cotton pad or tissue to remove excessive cream.

2. Apply the Liquid Foundation

Your foundation should be exactly the colour of your face. Make sure when you buy it to test it. Sometimes, the shop assistants put it on your hand. I think the best method is to apply it on your face – on the part near your ears and the neck. I ask the shop assistant to go outside with me or to a window to see what it looks like in natural light. If the foundation is too dark, there will be a visible line between your face and your neck.

I usually apply the foundation with my fingers. Alternatively, you can also apply it with a sponge or a brush. Make sure to get the right balance and use a tissue to wipe off excessive foundation.

3. Apply Concealer

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to our skin. I use a concealer which is a bit lighter than my skin to cover blemishes. Also, I apply it under my eyes to cover bags.

4. Apply Liquid Foundation onto the Concealer Spots

As the spots of the concealer are much light than your face, apply some liquid foundation onto the light spots. I usually tap it onto the concealer spots. If you smudge it too much, it tends to disappear. Tap until all the spots have the natural colour of your face.

5. Apply Powder

I finish the look with some powder. I usually have a compact powder, because I keep it with me all day. At home, I use a brush. Make sure that you do not use too much powder, because you do want to keep the look natural.

That’s it 🙂



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