With so many beauty treatments and products out there, it might appear as if we are all pros when it comes to applying makeup. However, I realized when talking to my friends, we sometimes have really basic questions about foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick. Therefore, I decided to start a new series: the “Beginners’ Glamour Guide” will offer you weekly tips and tricks for your beauty routine. Let’s start with lipstick, because I just got this amazing pink matte lipstick yesterday 🙂


First and foremost, your lips need to be smooth for lipstick application. You can buy the most expensive or beautiful lipstick, if your lips are dry, it will look patchy. Make sure to regularly moisturize your lips. For further hacks for smooth lips, check out my post about how to take care of your lips.

Premium or cheap lipsticks?

I do not have one clear answer for you here. I think it really depends on your personal preference. Colour and quality-wise I think it is trial-and-error. I started to do some online research on the ingredients of the brands I planned to purchase recently. After reading a lot about toxic ingredients in our daily makeup kits, I want to make sure that I do not put any of these on my skin. Stay tuned for my article about which ingredients to look out for when buying makeup.

Which colour should you get?

When I started wearing lipstick, I used to go with glossy lipsticks in nude tones because I was a bit scared that colourful lipsticks might make me look like a clown. Which they can if you choose the wrong colour. When you buy a lipstick, use the same procedure as you should use for makeup foundation: go to a bright spot of the store and try the colour on your face – either you apply it on your lips or, if you are as paranoid as me, apply some on the back of your hand and hold it towards your face. Be very honest with yourself – does this colour REALLY suit you or do you just want it because it is en vogue now?

Glossy, matte, sparkles?

It is difficult to decide because the range of lipstick types is really big. I prefer nude tones and glosses during the day and love to go bold with colours at night. It really depends which type you are and what you prefer to do. Just one general tip: please avoid very bold colours at the office.

How to apply the lipstick?

Make sure that your lips are not too moist for applying lipstick – use a tissue to dry them a bit. For darker or more intensive the colours, I use a pencil liner in the same or very similar colour to define the lines. Stay within your natural lip lines – even though we have seen this trend on Instagram of “boosting” your lips, but I do think it looks very unnatural. In addition to the lip lines I “draw” a bit towards the inner part of my lips (this prevents to make the lines you drew visible in case your lipstick fades). Then apply the lipstick: either directly or – if you are as clumsy as I can be sometimes – use a brush to apply the lipstick. After you are done, use a tissue, fold it in the middle and gently “bite” with your lips on it. This will remove excess colour. Moreover, it will decrease the risk of having lipstick on your teeth after some time. Regularly check if your lips still look OK and bring the lipstick with you to be able to re-apply.

Stay glamorous!

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