“I don’t like my thighs.” “Oh my god, my bum looks so fat. I need to do something about my belly and my cellulite.” “Even my super gorgeous friend constantly finds something she dislikes about her body, so something must be wrong with my body as well…” “If I only lost a bit of weight, my life would be just better and easier.” 

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about this? How can you turn these negative thoughts around and boost your confidence?

Realize that You Are not Only Normal but Special and That Is Great!

Nobody of us – or I guess most of us who read this blog – do not look like super models. And guess what, even super models have parts of their body they do not like. So what you have to realize: we all have certain flaws. And these flaws not only make us normal but interesting. Do you have a tooth gap like me? Or is your hair too curly or too straight? Or do you think you are not tall enough? It would be boring if we all looked the same and perfect. I learned to see my tooth gap as something that makes me special and once I abandoned my negative thoughts, I realized that people actually made positive comments about the thing I considered to be a flaw.

You Are so Much More than a Number on a Scale

Never ever think that your beauty and sex appeal only relate to your weight or the percentage of your body fat. It might sound like obvious advice, but it is so important to constantly remind ourselves about it: your value, beauty and sex appeal come from your personality. People who smile and love themselves are always beautiful.

Stop the “Body Unconfidence Talk”

Remember this time when you and your friend went shopping and told each other “OMG, I hate my arms.” “Yes, I hate my arms too.” Please do yourself and your friends a favour and stop these conversations. It not only makes yourself feel bad but it also makes your friend dislike her body. There are so many more interesting topics than subliminal body shaming of each other.

Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

This actually brings me to the next point: start identifying negative thoughts, they do not do you any good. If you constantly beat yourself up about your body it is similar to having a really bad boss: the boss who tells you that you can never accomplish the task, that he knew you would fail. Does this boss motivate you? Probably not (this person would not motivate me at all). So if you do not want your boss to “motivate” you like that, do not bully yourself. Instead of thinking “I knew I can never eat healthier.”, tell yourself “Come on, you can do it, eating healthy is possible.”.

Identify Parts You Like

Instead of focussing on the parts you do not like about yourself, emphasize the ones you love. And if you still think about those parts which are not your favourites, there are some style tricks to “improve” them. For example, if you think your thighs are a bit too big or your legs too short, get the right type of jeans to even out these “flaws”. (Check our blog post about how to dress according to your body type.) And do not forget to be nice as nice to yourself as you are to your friends. If you can tell your friends they look great, you can tell yourself. If it helps you, tell yourself out loud: “You really look great in this dress.” or “Today your smile is perfect.”. Saying it out loud might help you believe yourself 😉



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