Heating in winter, sunbathing and air conditioning in summer – we feel it on our skin but also on our lips. Here a handful tips on how to tell those dry lips good-bye:

1. Scrub Your Lips

Exfoliating your skin is probably nothing new to you. But your lips need regular exfoliation as well. Most of the drugstores now have a broad range of scrubs. If you like a scrub tasting like creme brulée or passion fruit, try Sara Happ.

2. Stay Hydrated

Your lips show the same effects as your skin: when I drink too little, I can feel that my lips get dry. Try to stay hydrated during the day and also drink enough water before going to sleep.

3. Don’t Touch or Lick Your Lips

If your lips are dry, you might tend to lick or touch them. However, this makes your lips look even worse. Keep your hands out of your face including your lips.

4. Use Lip Balm

Regularly applying lip balm keeps your lips soft. Some of my friends swear by using Vaseline or the white Nivea creme. Make sure your lip balm is actually hydrating and do not overdo it.

5. Protect Your Lips from the Sun

Use lip balm with sun protection. I never go out into the sun without at least an SPF 15 on my lips. Sunburnt lips not only dry out but they also hurt very much and take a long time to heal.


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