With March being almost over, it means that it has already been 3 months after we set our goals and resolutions for 2017. For some of us it was getting in shape, for others the goals were more career focussed. Do you already see progress towards reaching your goals? No? What is the reason for that? It might be easy to just blame others – your personal trainer, your exercise app, your boss. But one of the reasons that you cannot see any movement might be your mindset. I will show you that training your mind is a crucial part in reaching your goals.

Fact is, if you have not truly internalized your goals mentally and do not train your mind in reaching them, you will get tired along the way and may give up. You can have the best exercise plan and the most amazing strategies at work but if you do not stick to them, you will not be successful. If you do not have the mindset that you actually do want to lose weight and you will resist sweets during the week – but then you end up buying chocolate and storing it at home, you will not be able to reach your goal. The secret is: successful people succeed in controlling their mindset and aim at changing it.

How can you change your mindset?

1. Set the right goals.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we sometimes tend to set goals that are a bit too ambitious. There is nothing wrong in having big dreams. It is actually really important to have them. But it is crucial that your goals are realistic and that you can actually reach them. For example, if your big dream for 2017 was to “get in shape and look like a supermodel” cut it down into small slices and make it realistic for you. There is a reason why supermodels are call SUPERmodels, there are only a few of them. Is this a realistic goal? Maybe it is more realistic to aim at “feel like a supermodel”. What does “get in shape” mean for you? Which milestones do you have to reach each week to attain this goal? This can mean that you plan to exercise 3 times a week, cut out junk food etc. Check out my post about reaching your goals.

2. Keep track of your progress.

It is important that you make your progress visible for yourself. The best strategy for me is to write down the big goals when I start my journey. Every week, I write down the goals of that specific week and when I start the next week, I have a checklist which goals I reached last week. This checklist makes me realize that I have achieved some progress. Otherwise, my mind could be stuck focussing on the failures and would stop me from moving on.

3. Find realistic role models.

We sometimes tend to identify ourselves with celebrities and set goals that are just not realistic for our lives. The result is that we become disenfranchised and give up. If you find a realistic role model for you, it will be much easier to be inspired and work hard. Find a friend, colleague or a family member who has achieved similar goals. If they can do it, so can you!

4. Remind yourself about your goals.

It is important to keep reminding yourself why you started your journey. I usually dedicate the first page of my diary to my goals to make them visible. You can also pin them on your fridge, have a phone reminder or have a sticky note on your door. There are so many creative ways to do that. I recently read the book “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso and really liked her approach: she recommends writing down your goals and removing the duplicate letters, vowels etc. until you have some lines you can put into a certain pattern on a small piece of paper. Carry this piece of paper with you in your purse. The important thing here is not the carrying of the piece of paper but sitting down and actually thinking about the goals. It will subconsciously influence you later on.

5. Do not give up!

Last but not least: there will be hard times and sometimes you just want to give up. But: what does not challenge you will not change you. And you WANT THAT CHANGE. So keep digging it!

Good luck!

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