Such a lovely dream, you are at the beach, the sun is shining and suddenly there is this alarm – what is that? Is it a shop alarm? No… Beep, beep, beep NOOOOO, it is the alarm. You jump up in bed, check the time and you should have been at the office already 15 minutes ago. What can you do to get ready as fast as possible but still look good?

1. Prepare your outfits the evening before.

I mentioned it in the article about my “Rise and Shine Morning Routine“. Preparing your clothes in advance, will help you save a lot of time and reduce stress in the morning. When I oversleep, I am so shocked when I wake up that I can hardly think straight. So it is best, to have your outfit prepared. Once this step is taken, it is easier to move on.

2. Have an emergency hairstyle.

Unless you have hair that also looks nice even if you do not wash it in the morning, have one hairstyle that you can do fast or even on the go. My emergency style is a ballerina bun which I usually finish in the taxi.

3. Have a makeup routine and scale it down.

My makeup routine is really straightforward and I can do it even if I am half asleep. But on emergency days you will not have time or your full routine. Therefore, I scale it down. I apply face cream and cover blemishes with a bit of concealer. I apply some blush and finish the look with mascara (if I manage to squeeze it in, I also apply eyeliner on my lower lid).

4. Have an emergency breakfast in the fridge.

Even though I prefer not to have my breakfast on the go, I store some cereal bars in the fridge for emergency days and eat it in the car.

5. Allocate a budget for emergency taxi rides.

Taxi rides can be expensive. But when you overslept and you need to be in an important meeting, invest the money in a taxi. There is nothing worse than being already stressed out and then there is a delay with public transport. I only choose public transport on such a day if I know it will definitely be faster.

6. Take a breath and then walk into the room.

When you arrive at the office, take a couple of seconds to calm down. Slowly breathe in and out, check your makeup and then walk into the meeting. And please do not forget to apologize for making your colleagues wait. 🙂



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