There are thousands of excuses every day hindering you to exercise. Actually, there are none. Let me show you how you can overcome my top 10 workout excuses:

1. I have no time.

Well, often it is not about having time, it is about making time for the things that are important to us. If your health and body are important to you, factor in some time. You do not need to spend two hours a day at the gym. Allocate the amount that is realistic – I started allocating 30 minutes 3 times per week for exercising. And if you are honest with yourself: how often do you invest 30 minutes in watching your favourite TV show? Take your iPad with you and watch the show while you are exercising.

2. I forgot my gym gear.

Great excuse 😉 But not really. Try to establish a routine and pack your things the day before – not only your workout gear but also your office bag. By the way, I also plan my outfits the day in advance, (to avoid a major drama in the morning when I “don’t have anything to wear”). 😀

3. It looks like rain.

Maybe, but then have a backup. In cities like Hong Kong or Singapore the chances for rain are always quite high. If you scheduled a run outside but it looks like rain, you can stay at home and do some bodyweight trainings or stretching.

4. I am so tired.

Before I started with my exercising routine, I felt tired basically all the time. Furthermore, I made this my excuse not to work out. However, after starting my routine, I felt so much more energetic. Also, when I realize that I am getting tired, I start exercising because it actually helps me to get more alert again.

5. I need my sleep.

I also need 8 hours of sleep. Still, I try to wake up in the mornings for exercising. The simple trick is to go to sleep early. This might not be possible every day. But I stopped to watch TV or read for too long, for example. Set an alarm not for a certain time in the morning but for the hours of sleep you need. I use the feature of the clock app of my iPhone.

6. Today I am not really motivated.

I know, we are not motivated all the time. But a secret recipe against this lack of motivation is to schedule exercise dates with friends. You would never cancel a coffee date with your best friend because you are “not motivated”. That would be rude, right?

7. Gyms are so expensive.

They can be, but there are so many alternatives to gyms. You can exercise at home, go for a run, meet a friend for a walk, go for a swim. You just need to find the type of workout that you consider to be fun. Moreover, try to walk as much as possible and always take the stairs – this will also help you save money and time.

8. I do not want to look like a newbie.

I also felt uncomfortable when I was new at my gym. Everybody seemed to be a pro with all the equipment, except for me. I was really embarrassed but actually there were so many nice people who I could ask for help. Also, I was fortunate to have a friend with me on some days who was a pro and introduced me to a lot of training methods.

9. There are so many things to do at work.

There might be, but you will be more productive if you exercise. Try to exercise before work or during lunch to get it out of the way and you will feel so much better.

10. I do not know how to get started.

Our free Imperial Glamour Club app is a great way to get started. We introduce you to basic exercises and our 1-2 minute videos all have simultaneous audio instructions. Another great way to start is our dances – they are a mix of cardio, ballet, aerobics, stretching and meditation.

And now, let’s go 😀

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