Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. (William Shakespeare)

Let’s get these traitors out of your system. Check out my 5 tips to overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence.

Apply a Filter to Your Self Image

We have this certain image of ourselves in mind which does not always correspond to how others perceive us. How we see ourselves determines our confidence. But this image is nothing that you cannot work on: think about it like a picture of your holidays you post on Instagram: you change the colours, the frame, the light. You can mentally do that with your self image: set some lights on the things you like about yourself and put some colour on the dark spots that you usually do not like about yourself. If you like yourself, you will automatically be more confident.

1. Stop the Negative Thoughts and Focus on and be Grateful for Positive Things

I have mentioned it in some of my other posts already, but it is vital to remember that: kick those negative thoughts out of your brain. They do not do you any good. Focus on positive things: for example, if you get a nice compliment in the morning, remember this positive thing the whole day. When negative thoughts come up, fight them with this positive thought.

2. Stand Tall and Smile

This comes from somebody with a terrible posture, so I know what I am talking about 😉 It is crucial that you stand tall, it will not only make you appear more confident in front of others but it will also help to feel confident yourself. People who smile are also perceived as confident, so remind yourself to always give us your best smile.

3. Wear Clothes that Bring the Best out of You

It might sound superficial but clothes that make you look great will also boost your confidence. Furthermore, you will get all these nice compliments making you feel even better. And one more thing: if you get a compliment, say thank you and appreciate it. Stop making excuses, you are amazing!

4. Make Experiences

Confidence is something that is built up over time. I used to be a very shy person but overcame my self doubts by travelling. Every time I mastered a challenge abroad, I felt so much stronger about myself. And when I faced a challenge back home, I told myself “it can’t be as bad, I’ve already been through worse”. I do not mean that the only way to make experiences is travelling. It can be new hobbies you try or new people you meet, for example. Another great confidence booster is exercising – with the great side effect of meeting new people when you sign up for classes or sport clubs. Just get out there and be curious to learn something new!

5. Mindfulness Exercises

Another great way to boost your confidence is with the mindfulness exercises in our Imperial Glamour Club App – we used a combination of meditation, ballet, ballroom dance and workouts paired with classical music that will help you boost your confidence. Check out our free app for iOS!


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