Wash, blow dry, dye, perm, straightening … there is an endless list of what we do to our hair. And most of us share this one goal: we want beautiful and healthy hair. Let me share some basic tricks I apply to improve my hair:

1. Try not to “Over-Wash” Your Hair

This is not only important for those of you who dye their hair to keep the colour as long as possible. In general, avoid washing your hair every day – your hair needs its own, natural oils for protection and a natural glow. If you over-wash your hair, you also get rid of these oils. Of course, if you have very thin hair that gets oily easily, it might not be possible to wait for three days until you wash it again. But try to keep it at a reasonable level.

2. Give Your Hairdryer a Break

Once in a while, let your hair dry naturally without using a hairdryer. Also, if your hair is very thin and sensitive, do not over-use tools like hair straightening irons. The heat of blow dryers and irons causes damage especially to the ends.

3. Use the Right Shampoo and Do Not Overdo Products and Chemical Treatments

Shampoo is similar to face cream – you want to get the right one for your needs. Do invest in a session with your trusted hairdresser and get some advice which products are right for you. Try not to switch products to often – similar to your skin, it always takes some time until your hair adapts to changes. Needless to say, be smart with the amount of products you use and try to keep chemical treatments to a minimum.

4. Cut Your Hair Regularly

To make your hair look soft and shiny, it needs to be healthy and you need to get rid of dull or damaged ends. Even if you aim for very long hair, regularly go to the hairdresser to cut the ends.

5. What you Eat is How You Look

I have mentioned it in my blog post about radiant skin already: what you put into your body is reflected on the outside as well. If you eat healthy and balanced, it will also be visible in your hair.

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