We look at them everyday and just want them to shine, be healthy and strong. I am talking about our nails. And I have to admit here, I am a nail polish lover and hoarder. I love to try new colours and styles. I would like to show you how you can achieve beautiful and healthy nails without spending loads of money on expensive mani-pedis.

1. Groom Your Nails Regularly

I know, these mani-pedi sessions at the spa can be really expensive. Therefore, I got some tools I can use at home – a pedicure set, glass nail files and creams to moisturize my cuticles. It does take some time if you do it yourself but so does sitting at the nail salon. However, if you start noticing infections on your nails, please have your doctor and/or salon of trust look at it as soon as possible. I do my mani pedi every week because I like my nails short.

2. Give Your Nails a Break

This might not be surprising to you but the more products we put on our nails, the weaker they get. Therefore, I try to give my nails a break of nail polish every 3 weeks for 2 to 3 days. The current fashion trend of having natural looking nails and colours is also great for your nail polish break – if your nails are groomed well, they look amazing even without any nail polish. I also try to avoid nail polish removers containing acetone or formaldehyde, as I realized that my nails got very weak after using them.

3. Nutrition is Key

Deficiencies in your nutrition may be reflected in your nails. The outcomes can be different for everyone but I had a phase when my nails were really weak and after a medical check-up I realized that I needed to include more dairy products in my diet. Make sure to have your regular annual check-ups at your trusted doctor and focus on a balanced diet.

4. Protect Your Nails During Certain Tasks

When you wash the dishes or clean your apartment, I would recommend wearing gloves to protect your nails. Cleaning products can be quite aggressive not only for your nails but also for your skin.

* Results may vary.

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