Some time ago, I published a post about why I do not weigh myself. A lot of women rely on weighing themselves to track the progress of their fitness and wellness journey. But when you consider the two words fitness and wellness, it becomes clear that you should look at much more than merely the number of the scale. Let me show you which indicators I use to see if I am on track:

1. Energy Level and Mood

If I exercise enough, I feel less tired and much more energetic. Furthermore, I am usually in a better mood and have a more positive attitude.

2. Clothes Fit or Get Loose

For me, a much more realistic way of seeing if I reach my fitness and body goals is to see if my clothes fit better of they have become loose. Sometimes, I weigh more but the clothes fit much better.

3. Reduced (Back) Pain

As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, one of the reasons why I started exercising was back pain from sitting too much. If I exercise, my back feels much better, because I target the areas and I also watch my posture more actively.

4. Your Body Achieves More

Before I started my own wellness journey, I hated taking the stairs. If I had to climb up three storeys, I felt really exhausted. Since I started exercising regularly, stairs are no problem and I am more active overall.

5. Track Your Days with a Journal

As I mentioned in my post about why I love writing my diary, it can help you track your progress by writing brief summaries of your days. If you then go back and check when you exercised, what you achieved and which mood you were in, you will see that there was some progress.



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