Ladies, style does not know any sizes: no matter what is your body shape, you are all absolutely gorgeous! To shine bright like a diamond and stand out in the crowd we have narrowed down 5 basic body types – the diamond, the inverted diamond, the double diamond, the round diamond and the rectangle diamond shape. Check out which one is yours and how you can pimp up your wardrobe to emphasize your strengths.

Diamond Shape

Your shoulders and chest are wide and your waist and hips comparatively narrow. Your glamour asset is your legs. To emphasize this asset, wear bright coloured pants/skirts and pair them with neutral tops.

  • Wear flared-leg pants
  • Avoid tops/dresses without or with thin straps
  • Add pieces that emphasize your waist

Diamond shape celebrities: Naomi Campbell & Giselle Bundchen

Inverted Diamond Shape

With a lower body wider than the upper body, your glamour assets are your shoulders, your rounded bottom and the torso around your waist.

  • Add some volume to your shoulders to even out your wide hips (e.g. jackets with padded shoulders)
  • Wear A-line skirts and flared-leg pants
  • Strapless dresses and tops (e.g. carmen tops) draw attention to your glamour assets (shoulders)
  • Combine dark pants/skirts with light-coloured tops

Inverted diamond shape celebrities: JLo & Shakira

Double Diamond Shape

Your shoulders and hips have a similar width and your waist is narrow. Your glamour asset is this beautiful and feminine body shape.

  • Wear pieces with a high waist (pencil skirts)
  • Avoid baggy pants (you might think you hide your curves but you actually just accentuate them even more)
  • Show your curves but know your limits to keep your style elegant

Double diamond shape celebrities: Beyoncé & Salma Hayek

Round Diamond Shape

Your narrow hips carry most of your weight and your shoulders are wide as well. Your glamour asset is your legs.

  • Create dimensions with belts that accentuate your waist
  • Draw attention to your legs with flared-leg pants
  • Low and V-necklines to lengthen your upper body

Round diamond shape celebrities: Tyra Banks & Eva Longoria

Rectangle Diamond Shape

The widths of your shoulders, hips and waist are quite similar. Your glamour assets are your arms and often your legs.

  • Wear a layered look to make your body appear a bit curvier
  • Tops with ruffles, collars or other interesting details on your neckline to create dimensions
  • Belts accentuating your waist to create some curves

Rectangle diamond shape celebrities: Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow

* This is just a rough scheme to give some orientation regarding your body type. As it is impossible to reflect all the different forms of beauty, stay tuned for more posts to come up with more detailed guides.

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