We all know the problem – sometimes we are not motivated to workout, we don’t want to the gym or we would really like to stay on the couch and watch TV. The best recipe against this problem is find a friend who supports you. If you schedule workout dates with friends you are less likely to cancel them than if you go by yourself. And it is just more fun to do it together. However, don’t make anyone your workout pal. This is what you should look for:

Someone Who Motivates You

If you reach a low point during your workout, you need somebody to keep you going. Your buddy should be positive and try to bring the best out of you.

Someone with the Same or Similar Goals

If your workout pal wants to achieve less or much more than you it can be frustrating for both of you. It does not mean that your buddy has to have exactly the same goals but you should be able to adapt to your levels. For example, your friend can be more experienced in working out than you are and can give you advice. But it is important that she knows about your needs and fitness level and does not expect you to be as good as she is. On the other hand, if your friend only wants to “work out” to have a chat or because it is cool to be at the gym it will distract you from your body goals. Rather look for a more ambitious pal and stick to tea with that friend 😉

Someone Who You can Laugh With

Working out can be hard. So you should have somebody who stays positive and can have a laugh if some of the exercises make you look funny. 🙂

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