Do you have this really long list of tasks that seems to be impossible to get done? Would you be in the mood to just give up? Or even worse: these tasks have been there for so long and you avoid doing them by focusing on other things? No need to procrastinate, you can do it! Just follow my 8 tips below.

1. Make a List of Your “Top Tasks”

At the end of your work day or in the morning before you start, make a list of the 3-5 most important tasks. During the whole day, focus most of your attention on these task. Even if you do not manage to finish any other tasks that day, finishing the most important ones will not only give you a sense of achievement but will also help you move forward.

2. Unpleasant First

Do the most unpleasant task first. When I wake up and know I have this unpleasant task, I try to get it done as soon as possible. Because otherwise, it will be like the sword of Damocles casting a negative spirit on all other tasks.

3. Stop Micro-Planning

Focus on the very next step and try not to plan every step of the project. I stopped micro-planning and focused on the big goal. Focus on the very next step of the project.

4. Set a Specific Time for Emails

Stop answering emails as they come in, they only distract you from finishing your task. I check every 60-90 minutes and then take some time to answer them. In case something urgent comes up, I adjust my schedule.

5. Make a List and Cross out the Tasks

It is a very basic trick, but it makes you focus on what needs to be done (otherwise you forget). Crossing the finished tasks shows you your progress.

6. Learn to say “no”

It will really help you. Stop taking over EVERY task. It does not mean that you do not take over any task anymore. However, if you have hit your capacity limit, be honest about it and say no. If you feel bad, you can offer a compromise – like “I am very busy today, but I can do it tomorrow for you.” But make sure to focus on YOUR TASKS FIRST!

7. Set a Timer for Accomplishing Your Tasks

Set 30-60 minutes and solely focus on the current tasks – no breaks, no emails, no distractions. You will see, you will be more productive.

8. Take Breaks

Do not waste time staring at your screen – if you are blocked for some reason with this one project. Take a break, walk around the office or start a small task that gives you a sense of achievement.

I hope some of these tips will boost your productivity! What are your tips to get things done?

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