Have you ever wondered why French women look so confident and achieve effortless chic style? Singaporean blogger Roxanne Chia of The Skinny Scout talks to us about her passion for France, why she founded her company Trouvée and how to layer your jewellery to help you add a dash of French chic to your wardrobe.

Beauty is a huge part of my life, and I love helping women out there find products that will work best for them.

Roxanne, you are Singaporean but also a world traveller with a passion for France. What is so special about French style and how do French women manage to look effortlessly chic?

The secret to effortless chic French style lies on the inside. French women are very self assured and confident and they rarely care for what others think of their outfits. That said, they also dress for comfort and mood rather than to show off. They know what type of clothing fits them best and regularly go back to the same cutting and style. In short, they know what works for them and they stick to it.

Tahiti Pearl Trilogy Necklace by Trouvée

What does your jewellery brand Trouvée stand for?

The word Trouvée is French for “found”. When I created Trouvée.Co, it was because I couldn’t find jewellery that suited my style, budget and purpose of complementing my outfit from work to play. I wanted something chic, modern and very wearable for the independent woman who is fighting for her dreams. I was inspired to design my own pieces while touring Halong Bay in Vietnam a few years ago. I wanted my travel memories to remain a part of me for as long as possible, and since I travel so often, it was easy to finally decide that I needed my own jewellery brand, which many independent women who also work and travel would wear.

I wish that the Trouvée Girl finds what she is looking and working for, and we’ll be there with her every step of the way.

Why do you like layering your jewellery?

Layering my jewellery helps to add different dimensions to my outfit. Each piece of jewellery tells a story, and so wearing them helps to create a mood I want to have for the day.

Also, because I can change and alternate the layers as I wish, this means my outfit is never the same.

Can I wear layered jewellery to the office?

Definitely! Everyone can wear layered jewellery as long as the layers are kept simple.

Can I mix gold and silver?

Many people shy away from either gold or silver, thinking they can only wear one of the two. I believe you can wear both at the same time. To tilt the style in your favour, wear more layers of the shade that suits your skin tone better, and just one single layer in the other shade.

Is there a colour scheme I should use?

The colour of your jewellery should always complement the colours of your main outfit and bag (especially if you’re carrying a clutch).

I personally love colours and my wardrobe is rarely dull. That’s why my jewellery – although simple – comes in certain statement shades, which makes it so much easier to decide what to wear once I’ve got my clothes on.

Deep Indigo Drusy Bezel Necklace by Trouvée

How many pieces can Iayer?

I would say 2 -3 pieces of the same type of jewellery is a good number. However, you can wear more than 3 bracelets if they are of varying materials and designs.

What is your favourite piece to use for layering your jewellery? 

I love the Deep Indigo Drusy Bezel Necklace, the Tahiti Pearl Trilogy Necklace and the Glittering Citrine Stud Earrings. These pieces are very simple, easy to wear and fit anybody who loves dainty jewellery.

The necklaces go well with either a charm necklace or a choker, while the stud earrings match other ear studs if you have more than one piercing.

Roxanne started beauty blogging in 2010 and has never stopped since. Beauty is a huge part of her life and she love shelping women out there find products that will work best for them. In the midst of blogging, Roxanne has also obtained as Masters Degreee in Nanochemistry, earned a diploma in education, taught in public high schools, given private lessons in Chemistry and started her own jewellery line.

Picture credits: Trouvée & The Skinny Scout

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