The transition to a healthier lifestyle can be tough. Especially if you are on your own. Do you know this situation when your partner eats this really nice hearty breakfast and you are opposite of him with your healthy alternative? Or do you see him eating whatever he wants while you spend all day focussing on not thinking about food?

Show Your Partner that This Is Important to You

For your partner, it might not be obvious why you are changing your habits. Have a sit down and discuss WHY you are doing it. A lot of women often do not communicate enough what and why we do certain things. I am sure once your partner is aware how important it is for you, he will be more understanding.

Ask for Support

There is no shame in asking for help. Tell your partner that you have tried to do this for a very long time but on your own, it is very tough. Especially if you have so many unhealthy options around the house that he eats, it is hard to resist. In my experience – I was the one being asked to change our eating habits some time ago – it is absolutely no problem. When I saw it is easier for the other person to adapt to a healthier lifestyle once we decided not to have unhealthy options in the house, it made me really happy to help (and it was so easy).

Gradually Switch to Healthy Options

I made the experience that a radical change in a diet did not really work for me. I gradually substituted unhealthy meals by healthy options. For example, I used to have some pastries with my coffee after lunch every day and trained my brain that it needs something sweet. However, when I substituted the sweets with a yoghurt or some fruits, my mind stopped asking for it after a while. Also check out my post about How to Break Habits. If you apply this gradual shift to you and your partner, it will be easier to change your eating habits.

Stop Buying Junk Food

It is an easy rule: if it is not there, I cannot eat it. I simply stopped buying sweets and processed food and this kind of forced me to think about other options. This leads me to the next piece of advice:

Make a Meal Plan Together

In order to make your partner commit to your plans, you need to involve him. It works really well if you sit down together at the beginning of the week and decide on your meal plans. It is always easier for the other party if they are guided through a plan. If they can shape this plan as well, it is even better and leads to success.

I hope these tips work as well for you as they did for me. Are you currently trying to get your partner or family to eat healthy?



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