The alarm goes off at 6am to wake you for your morning workout and instead of immediately jumping out of bed you hit “snooze” – 5 times. Sounds like you? After my post about lunch time workouts, some of you have asked me if I work out in the mornings as well. And yes, I do! I am a real morning person. I have no problem getting out of bed in the morning because I know the morning is the time I am most productive. Working out in the morning makes me feel I have accomplished something already before starting work. It is totally fine if you are not a morning person at all. Do not worry. But maybe these tips will help you to stop hitting that snooze button:

1. Mental trigger

I mentioned it in another post already, but I want to bring it up again because I find it really effective: before you fall asleep, tell yourself that you are going to work out in the morning. This mental trigger will help you get up because it feels as if you have scheduled a meeting with yourself.

2. Commit to working out with a friend

Before I made morning workouts a routine, I found a friend of mine who was also a passionate runner. We agreed to meet at 6am and go for a run together. Because I had agreed to this together with my friend, I would have felt really bad if I cancelled last minute. So I got out of bed and just went for it. In addition, it gives you some quality time with your friend – in my case, we were both really busy at work and rarely had time to catch up after work. Therefore, the morning runs were perfect for us.

3. Make the living room your gym

One of the best time saving methods is to opt for a workout you can do at home. This way, you do not waste time going to the gym and can use your time efficiently to work out. Our Imperial Glamour Club app is perfect to do this: you decide how long you would like to exercise and no equipment is needed.

4. Preparation is key

If you decide to hit the gym before work, pack your gym bag the day before you go to sleep. This will save you time and prevent you from hectic decisions in front of your closet and risking to forget half of your gear at home. I also prepare my work outfit the day before. Meal prep can also help you save time: if you eat some muesli in the mornings, prepare it the evening before. I always have my breakfast ingredients in the same spot so that I can prepare everything as fast as possible. Regarding my makeup, I have established a routine to get ready in under 15 minutes (check out my Rise and Shine Morning Routine).

5. “Soft workout” on the go

If it is really difficult for you to motivate yourself for a morning workout, start using your way to work as a gym – use the stairs in the subway, walk to the office or get off a couple of stops earlier and walk the rest. It will help you start allocating time for exercising in the morning.



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