I am actually a very organized person, but sometimes I can be a bit forgetful and clumsy. Therefore, I have put together a small list to help myself and you to pack your gym bag.

Refillable Water Bottle

Always stay hydrated. I bring my water bottle everywhere to make sure I drink enough.


Bring your headphones to be able to watch movies or series or listen to music while working out. Some gyms offer free headphones.


A lot of gyms offer towels. I usually bring my own towel to shower at the gym, but I am very particular. You can see this point as optional 🙂

Gym Outfit

It seems obvious, but I always forget something at home. My list is: a sports bra, pants, a shirt, socks and my tainers.

Sanitizing Wipes

I bring my own sanitizing wipes in case there is nothing to sanitize the workout station at the gym. Please clean the workout are after you are done. Check out my post about gym etiquette.

Makeup and Post Workout Essentials Bag

Bring some soap or shower gel. I found that makeup remover wipes are very handy after your workout. I have made it a habit to carry a small bag with me where I have small versions (if possible) of my makeup routine with me – moisturizer, foundation, concealer, makeup powder, blush, etc. I usually use the small bottles and jugs you can find at the travel section in your drugstore to refill my foundation and moisturizer. I also have my hairbrush and extra hair bands with me and a small bottle of hair spray. AND, of course, do not forget your deodorant.

Second Pair of Underwear

After finishing your workout and taking a shower, you will need a second pair of underwear. I also carry a small bag to put my used clothes after the workout.

Backup Snack

In case I do not have a lot of time after the gym to head to my meetings, I carry a bag of nuts or a granola bar with me for emergencies 🙂

And just one last piece of advice: it is best to pack your bag the day before to avoid stressing out in the morning.



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