Having goals is nothing very extraordinary, but actually achieving these goals is not only hard work but also planning, discipline and habit. What are your goals and dreams? I bet you can instantly name a handful. If there were no boundaries and no risk to fail, what would you love doing most? 

We often catch ourselves day dreaming about this “better life” then followed by a phase of negativity. Having bad days is normal but I want to motivate you not to let these phases ruin your dreams!

1. Set Your Goals and Make them Attainable

Goal setting and planning sounds very abstract but I will show you it is very easy:

Ask yourself: “What do I want?” It can be a very abstract goal like “I want to lead a happy life”. But as it will take you some time to achieve this very broad goal, I suggest to break this goal down into smaller goals. For example, what can you do this week to be happy? What would you need to achieve by Sunday to say it was a good week? Try to take small steps and set goals that you can actually achieve and celebrate the small successes.

2. Plan Your Goals

The second step is planning. We actually plan our whole lives: When do we need to be at the office? Which tasks have to be done today? When do we pick up the kids from school? When is our next holiday? Like you plan your daily life, also plan certain days when you want to achieve a certain goal. For example:

This week, I want exercise twice. (on Tuesday and Thursday).

By the end of next month, I want to look back and say:

I managed to regularly exercise three times per week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

3. Keep on doing it. Discipline, ladies!

Oh no, discipline?! You don’t want to hear that? Sorry, but this might be the hardest part: establish routines and stick to them. Use your goal plan and try not to miss the sessions. Discipline can be tough but it will be very rewarding once you reached the goal you wanted so badly.

4. 150% – 70%

As I mentioned above, we all have good days but also bad ones. There will be days when you over-perform and some where nothing seems to work. If you realize you are having one of the not-so-good days, take a step back, relax and try to find small tasks that are easy to accomplish. These small accomplishments will motivate you again. And do not forget: we always might aim for giving 150%, but on some days, 70% are OK too. 🙂

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