Do you know this feeling: you are on a work trip or on holidays and think you do not have the chance to be more active and exercise? Do you feel a bit tired and fuller? It is actually not that difficult to integrate some activities into your travels that make you feel active and better about yourself again. Let me share some ideas with you:

1. Walk as Much as You Can

In general, not only while travelling, try to walk as much as you can. Try to avoid the lift or escalators and take the stairs. Get off one station earlier from the bus and walk the rest. Or, when sightseeing, the best way to explore a new city is by walking: you will discover so many hidden treasures you would have never been able to see from a car. If you make walking an active part of your life, it serves a similar purpose as cardio workouts and will help you burn energy.

2. Use Hotel Facilities

If you stay at a hotel with a gym or even a pool, us these facilities. Even if you only spend 20-30 minutes there, you will feel so much better. Plus, you will be motivated by seeing so many like-minded people who integrate sports into their lives on the go.

3. Explore by Bike or a Scenic Run

If you are on holidays, rent a bike to explore the city. In a lot of European cities, you can easily rent bikes in busy places and near tourist attractions for little money. Similar to walking, you will get a totally different experience than from a dull bus tour. When I arrive in a new place, I love to take my running shoes and get an overview by running. This way, I can already spot the places that I wish to focus on later on. Another activity I absolutely love is a run at the beach – not only do you have a beautiful view that motivates you but also requires running in the sand more energy and serves as a power workout session 🙂

4. Make Your Hotel Room Your Gym

Bodyweight exercises can be done easily without any equipment. Do them before you go to sleep or before breakfast. Use our free app with one-minute exercises that can be done anywhere at any time.

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