Gym memberships, yoga classes, fitness DVDs, apps – the range of fitness alternatives is huge but a lot of them require you to spend quite some money. What can you do to stay fit without breaking the bank? These alternatives show you it is actually not that difficult:

1. Include free exercise activities when you meet friends

It is always easier to exercise with a workout buddy. If you and your best friend do not want to spend your money on a gym membership, skip your coffee meeting for more active tasks. I love to go for a run or long walks with my friends. On weekends, we sometimes meet in the park to play volleyball. These activities are completely for free (except for the ball 😉 ). Another great alternative is swimming – the admission is usually comparatively cheap to gym memberships.

2. Walk and use the stairs

I cannot repeat it often enough – the more you walk, the better for you. It is completely for free and serves as great cardio. Check out my post about how to walk 10,000 steps a day.

3. Free apps

Your phone is your gym. There are plenty of apps out there. Needless to say, I am a fan of our Imperial Glamour Club app. It is not only for free and requires no equipment but also rewards me with virtual diamonds for every exercise I accomplish. That’s so great, it makes me feel like a glamour queen 🙂



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