It does not always have to be a long workout to keep you fit. I try to be as active as I can in addition to exercising. In cities like Hong Kong or Singapore it can be so convenient – take a taxi, the lift, the escalator. But actually skipping these things from time to time will help you to stay more active throughout the day. I try to make 10,000 steps a day. It may sound a lot, but it is actually achievable. Here are my tips:

1. Walk to Work

If your commute is not too long, skip the taxi or bus and walk. When my commute was very long in the past, I used to get off one subway stop before my office and walk the rest. I try to do this every day, I only skip it if it is raining. On hot days, I walk back from the office to avoid sweating before I even start the day.

2. Take the Stairs

In the subway station or at the office, I always try to take the stairs. It is not only healthy but also most of the time much faster than standing on the crowded escalator or waiting for the lift. Two of my previous apartments were on the 4th and 5th floor without a lift. Trust me, I got really fit when I lived there 😀

3. Have Walking Meetings

Most of us with office jobs sit the whole day. What I started to do to activate my body and brain again and those of my coworkers is walking meetings. It may feel a bit strange in the beginning but I find them very effective. It is also a good way of leaving your work desk and think out of the box again.

4. Organize Walk Meetups

Instead of meeting in at a café where you are going to sit down again, meet your friends at a park and go for a walk together. It always reminds me of my childhood because we used to walk through the fields and the forest for hours. Walk meetups are also perfect for your friends with dogs because they do not have to wait in front of the café and can participate in your activity.

5. Track Your Progress

Nowadays it is so easy to track your progress – most of the smartphones are equipped with pedometers or you can get a smart band (which have become affordable). Similar to running on a treadmill, seeing what you have achieved during the day will boost your motivation for the next day and walk even more.

Happy walking! 🙂

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