It can be tough to wake up in the morning for your workout. And with after-work-obligations – meeting friends, dinner meetings or family gatherings – it can be difficult to work out after we are done at the office. A good compromise can be to work out during your lunch break. You think one hour is not enough to work out and have lunch? Let me share some tips on how it will be possible:

1. Choose the activity wisely.

First of all, pick an activity that can be done close by your office. If you already have to factor in 30 minutes to reach your gym, it is not worth going during your lunch break. Once at the gym, pick a workout that is doable in 30 to 45 minutes maximum. It might be tempting to do this 90-minute hot yoga class but you might want to save this for the weekend. There are plenty of shorter classes. Alternatively, you can opt for 10-15 minutes warmup on a bike or treadmill and 20-25 minutes of body weight exercises. If you really do not have any time to go to a gym, you can use our Imperial Glamour Club app with plenty of 1-minute-exercises. You do not need any equipment and can easily do the exercises at the office.

2. Establish a post workout routine.

Pack your makeup bag and establish a makeup routine that allows you to be done in 15 minutes including a quick shower. I have established a routine for my day makeup that I can do with my eyes closed 🙂 On the days you work out during your lunch break, opt for a simple makeup – not only does it save you time after the workout but also will too much makeup just get messed up while you are working out.

3. Pre-pack your lunch.

If you do not have a gym with a snack or salad bar or if you want to save money, pack your lunch in advance. You will not have time for an extensive sit down lunch after your workout, but a home cooked meal is something nice you can enjoy even at your desk. Check out my post about Meal Prep Hacks.


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