It is March, 2 months after we started the New Year with all our great New Year’s Resolutions. Have you also started pursuing your goals like a pro at the beginning of the year and now you are feeling that you are losing your motivation? Do not worry, I will help you get back on track:

1. Rethink your goals – are they realistic?

On New Year’s Eve, our resolutions are often too ambitious. Instead of focusing on realistic goals, we sometimes aim to change our whole life. Now that you had more than 2 months of working towards them, sit down and go through your list of goals: Are they realistic? Has your view on some of them changed? It might happen that a certain goal was really important to you 2 months ago but now your attitude is different. Make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable – check out my post about How to Reach Your Goals.

2. It is repetitive and boring.

Pursuing your goals is easiest once you find a routine. However, a routine can also lead to repeating tasks that have proven to work – eg. you know that you lose weight if you eat certain meals and tend to stick to these meals. Once you realize a repetitive pattern, try something new or turn it into more fun. You could invite a friend, for example, who is working on reaching the same goals and think about solutions together. In the meal case, you could try out new recipes with your friend.

3. You are not being honest to yourself.

Be very honest to yourself: do you really give your best? Are you REALLY sticking to your plan or are you procrastinating? It is totally normal that you cannot be super-committed all the time and that you sometimes procrastinate. But being honest to yourself is key. There is no point in talking yourself into believing that you are working as hard as you can but actually you are not. When you go through your goals, also write down what you need to do to reach them. If you have not made a checklist when you started pursuing your goals, do it now. Tick the tasks that you have accomplished (this will show you your achievements and motivate you). Try to break each goal into 3-4 tasks that are doable. Make these tasks a priority and integrate them into your every day life. 2 months is not a long time to turn things into a habit. Stick to your routine and keep going, it will get easier!

Good luck!


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