For a lot of us, gyms have become a very important place in addition to our home and office. To make this place as nice and comfortable as possible for everyone, I have put together this brief gym etiquette guide for you:

What to Wear

There has been quite some discussion about what is appropriate to wear at the gym. In general, please wear something that makes you feel comfortable. And I would also recommend nothing too revealing. In the end, it is your decision. However, I have to say that teeny-tiny crop tops or super-short shorts can be quite revealing when you do certain moves. I would say, if your mum would not let you out of the house with a certain outfit, do not wear it to the gym.

Keep it Clean

In general, gyms are not the cleanest places, we all sweat and we have to touch the equipment. Therefore, please try to keep your workout area as clean as possible. Furthermore, please sanitize it, after you used it. I was actually very surprised in one of my Hong Kong gyms. In my go-to gym in Munich, I was constantly reminded that we have to sanitize our workout areas. Therefore, I was just used to doing it. When I arrived at that Hong Kong gym, I hardly noticed anybody doing it. Even though, there were sanitizing wipes available. Sorry, but this is just gross and disrespectful. Please leave the area the way you would like to see it when you arrive.

Use a Towel

Similarly, please use a towel. Especially when you do exercises on the floor or sit down at the machines. You will sweat a lot and the next person does not want to exercise on a mat that has been sweated on.

Put Equipment Back in its Spot

After using equipment such as skipping ropes, mats or dumbbells, please bring them back to their designated spot. It is really annoying for your gym mates if they have to look for the equipment in the whole gym.

Use Earphones

Music is very powerful when you workout and it can be fun to watch your favourite series while you are on the treadmill. Nevertheless, keep in mind that other people do not want to participate in your activities and use your earphones.

Do not Unnecessarily Block the Equipment

Only occupy a workout area or machine if you really use it. I had countless cases where I had to wait for a machine only to realize that the person blocking it was having a chat with a friend. Other people’s time is very precious too, please respect that. Also, please do not stretch on the treadmill. Yes, it really happened a lot to me. In a lot of places, treadmills are a scarce resource especially at peak times. When you are done running, please stretch in a different area. Treadmills are not made for stretching.

Be on Time for Classes and Do Not Jump the Queue

When you sign up for a class, be on time. Not only because out of good manners and respect for your coach and fellow participants who you do not want to disturb 15 minutes into the workout, but also because you do not want to lose your pass. A lot of gyms now have policies that if you do not show up on time, your spot will be given to somebody on the waiting list. Furthermore, when you wait for the water fountain or for certain machines, for example, please do not jump the queue. I know, this should not have to mentioned here but I have experienced it a lot…

Leave your Phone in the Changing Rooms or Switch to Silent

My exercise time is also me-time. Therefore, I usually leave my phone in the locker. If you really have to bring your phone because your music is on there, please put it on silent. Furthermore, do not answer your calls in the exercise area. It is really distracting and there are designated phone areas (usually in the lobby of the gym). And please, never ever take calls in a class – if it is that urgent, please step outside.

Respecting these few guidelines will help us to all enjoy our time at the gym 🙂 Have I missed anything? Please let me know about it in the comments!



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