Hi all,

This is a very personal post and it took me some time to finally stop procrastinating about it and share this with you. As you might have noticed, my website has been a bit quiet the past couple of weeks. One obvious reason was the summer holidays. Yes, finally! Since I started this amazing project, it was my very first real holiday apart from some occasional longer weekends. I think very often when we work hard for our dreams, we underestimate the importance of taking a break.

However, this break also made me think about a lot of things that kept me from going back to my laptop and start working again. This is very unusual for me. My friends and family know that I am the worst workaholic. And I also asked myself: How come that the thing that I struggle working on the things I love doing so much? Is something wrong with me? Have I reached a dead-end?

Well, the answer to the last question is a clear no – I am satisfied with our progress, so many amazing women have joined us already and I have so many ideas for the future. The second question took me a bit longer – I thought maybe I was overworked and after some days off I realized that I was actually exhausted. But why did I struggle dedicating myself to my passion so much?

I realized it was a feeling that I had been having for quite some time. Actually, since I started Imperial Glamour Club. And admitting it to myself and writing about it here is quite a challenge: sometimes I do not feel that I am 100% connected to the topic. Sounds strange? Well, when I scroll through all these amazingly fit women on Instagram and their meal preps, motivational quotes and defined bodies, I feel that I am very different from them. I consider myself more “normal”: I have a size 36, but I do not have any defined abs or muscles. I try to eat healthy but sometimes, I just need that piece of cake (sorry, I am a true Austrian). I love doing sports but not like in a boot camp. So every time, I come across a new healthy recipe online (with expensive ingredients or cutting out certain ingredients), I feel like I would need to share this with you but then I decide that this is not what I would do either and it does not feel real. And after that decision, I feel bad because if you work in the fitness and wellness industry you are expected to look a certain way, promote certain products or ingredients and to apply a certain lifestyle.

Therefore, I started asking myself: if I am so different from all these women in fitness on Instagram, am I the right person to motivate you via Imperial Glamour Club? Would I be motivated by somebody without abs made of steel and who does not look perfect all the time?

I did some workout exercises today and during the cool down I realized that maybe this “being normal” is exactly why I can and want to build this community. I want women like me – normal women – to bring out their best. Whether this relates to their bodies, minds, job or relationships. I actually am not motivated by seeing flawless bodies, because I think about the amount of effort you have to put into these bodies (and most of the time the Photoshop-ing behind that picture). Do not get me wrong here – this is not a post about telling you to stop exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. But what I want for myself and for you is a REALISTIC lifestyle. When I started exercising with a personal trainer in Shanghai a couple of years ago, I told her that I want to exercise to feel better. When she said I needed to work out at least five times a week for two hours I said: well, I would like to do that but I have a stressful job and am not Heidi Klum whose job actually is to work for her body, her main income source. I guess a lot of you might feel the same.

I am actually surprised about myself now – the whole day, I have been procrastinating and now I feel so much better about sharing it with you. I hope I was not being too honest with you but I want you to know that I want Imperial Glamour Club to be REAL. I want it to be a community where we are not obsessed with only looking good – I want it to be a means of support for all of us. And if we have a slump like I just had the past few days, we can lift each other up and move on!

Let’s make this a community for real wonderwomen! I will catch up with you soon!




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