Hello, Glamour Queens!

I hope you are all having a great start into May. Spring has finally arrived, or if you live in the tropical regions, the really hot season has arrived as well 🙂

We have lined up some great topics for you this month. First of all, we are continuing with our beauty basics guide to help you establish a routine to get ready for your daily catwalk. Furthermore, as May is a popular wedding month, we have also prepared some advice for you to shine as a guest. Recipe-wise I have thought about some really nice PINK recipes with rhubarb (Yes!! It’s finally rhubarb season again!) and pomegranate. And last but not least, we have some awesome exercises and posts for you to help you get fit and strengthen your mind and confidence.

I am most excited to share that we partnered with some great experts who we will feature on our blog to give you the best insights on the most recent fashion trends, style advice, life hacks and of course ideas for your workouts.

I hope you enjoy reading our posts this month. Please share with me which topics you would like to read about in the weeks to come, I am happy to hear about your interests!

Stay glamorous!



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