Are you trying to eat healthier but you always end up at the supermarket at lunchtime buying the same, and often unhealthy, things? The best way to change habit is preparing your meals in advance. Sounds like a lot of work? I will show you that it is not. The following eating hacks will make it easier to portion your meals (which will help you to maintain or improve your shape). Moreover, they do not feel like a diet at all.

1. Cook Your Meals at Home

Most of the time, home cooked meals will be healthier than eating out. I can always feel a difference if I had a week of eating out a lot: I get rashes from MSG, feel unhealthy and am more tired. I try to cook at home as much as possible – it is not only healthier but I have 100 percent control over what is in the meal. I know that cooking can be a hassle, especially during a busy week. What I do is to plan them in advance, this brings me to…

2. Plan Your Meals and Buy in Bulk

I usually plan my meals in advance for 3 to 5 days. This makes it easier to plan shopping for groceries and coordinate recipes that use the same ingredients. It will not only make preparing meals easier but also save you a lot of money in the long-run. Stock up your pantry with the most common ingredients – if you have the ingredients for a healthy meal at home, you are less likely to turn to unhealthy options or order food.

3. Cook Double the Amount

If you are already cooking, cook a bit more and pack the rest for the office the next day or freeze it. You are cooking anyways already and most of the ingredients are sold for more than one portion. I usually freeze in small portions. If I have a long day, I can simply defrost one portion and my homemade meal is done – faster than ordering food and healthier than frozen meals from the supermarket.

4. Stock up on Herbs

Stock your pantry up on herbs – this will help you to bring variety into your diet. I also started to have small pots in my apartment where I grow my own herbs – I now have rosemary, basil, chives and cress at home. It not only allows me to have fresh ingredients all the time but also serves as nice decoration for my kitchen.

5. Pack Your Own Snacks

For cravings in between the main meals pack your own snacks and keep them at your desk. You can pack some nuts and dried fruits, for example. I try to make it look as nice as possible – like butterflies or bow ties. This will be a much healthier option than those chocolate bars… 😉




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