Recently, I have experimented with pomegranate a lot. Whatever I cook, I always try to integrate the seeds: I add it to water, to salads or try new desserts. One of them is the pomegranate gelato cubes. You will be surprised how easy it is to make this healthy ice cream alternative for those beautiful summer days!

You only need two ingredients:

  • 250g Greek-style yoghurt (I prefer the regular one but if you like you can use low-fat yoghurt as well)
  • Seeds of one pomegranate

Take the seeds out of the pomegranate. This can be a bit messy, therefore, I suggest doing that over the sink. Take one third of the seeds and put them into a bowl. Use a spoon to crush them. Add the remaining seeds and the yoghurt and stir. Put the pomegranate-yoghurt mix into molds (I used ice cube molds for slightly bigger ice cubs). Freeze them for at least 2 hours or over night.

What do you think about my imperial cubes? I love the crown! 🙂



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