Redcurrant Smoothie Bowl

I always try to adapt our recipes to the supply of seasonal fruits. In Austria, the redcurrant season has just started and it immediately inspired me to make this smoothie bowl: You need: A small bowl of redcurrant 1 Banana 250g of (low fat) natural yoghurt Optional: juice of 1 lime Remove the stem of […]

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How to Get Things Done

Do you have this really long list of tasks that seems to be impossible to get done? Would you be in the mood to just give up? Or even worse: these tasks have been there for so long and you avoid doing them by focusing on other things? No need to procrastinate, you can do it! Just follow […]

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Diamond Challenge Shape Up Day 2

It is Shape Up Day 2 of our #diamondchallenge and today we focus on one of the most popular and important exercises: the Glamour Plank. This exercise is not only helping you to get a flat belly but also targeting your back and shoulders. Lie down on your mat. Put your forearms on the mat […]

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Diamond Challenge Shape Up Day 1

Join our #diamondchallenge! It’s Shape Up Day and we have a great exercise for you: Our Circle Squat Exercise focusses on your legs and arms. It is so easy and all you need is 1 MINUTE! You can do it at the office to boost your circulation or at home while watching TV. Straddle your […]

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Glam Detox Drink

Drinking enough is not only necessary but is very healthy, will help you slim down and get great skin. However, plain water can be a bit boring. Just add some things to give it a bit of flavour and enhance the health benefits of your drink – it can help your digestion, strengthen your immune […]

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How to Find Your Workout Pal

We all know the problem – sometimes we are not motivated to workout, we don’t want to the gym or we would really like to stay on the couch and watch TV. The best recipe against this problem is find a friend who supports you. If you schedule workout dates with friends you are less […]

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