Apricot Smoothie Bowl

Because we have not reached the final days of the apricot season as yet, I have created another smoothie bowl for you. And to show you that there is no need to buy a whole lot of ingredients and spend a lot of money, I only used two ingredients. I have also added some further […]

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Redcurrant Apricot Yoghurt

I am a big fan of yoghurt and I love to mix it with some fruits for different flavours. As I always adapt the flavours to the seasonal fruits, I decided to make this three-coloured yoghurt: 1 apricot 1 small bowl of redcurrant 250g of (low fat) natural yoghurt 1 tea spoon of lemon juice […]

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Watermelon Granita

On these hot summer days, we need something to cool us down. Watermelon is one of my favourite summer fruits, it is so refreshing. My watermelon granita is the one thing you need to make your summer days even better. And the best thing is, it is not only refreshing but also healthy! You need: […]

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Pomegranate Gelato Cubes

Recently, I have experimented with pomegranate a lot. Whatever I cook, I always try to integrate the seeds: I add it to water, to salads or try new desserts. One of them is the pomegranate gelato cubes. You will be surprised how easy it is to make this healthy ice cream alternative for those beautiful […]

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