The Power of Words – How Your Language Can Undermine Your Success

Words are more powerful than you may think. Do you know this situation when you have prepared for that meeting for days and you know you are right but somehow your colleagues and bosses do not get your point or take you serious? It might actually go back to your communication style. We as women […]

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How to Break Habits and Start New Ones

I mentioned this in various posts before, habits are very powerful to achieve your goals in your personal and professional life. However, there are some habits you need to break. As human beings we also have bad habits, of course. There is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it is essential to realize that we […]

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Ladylike Essentials: Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym

For a lot of us, gyms have become a very important place in addition to our home and office. To make this place as nice and comfortable as possible for everyone, I have put together this brief gym etiquette guide for you: What to Wear There has been quite some discussion about what is appropriate […]

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The Art of Making Your Work Visible and Shine at Your Job

Have you ever been in a meeting room and you were amazed by this colleague who sells himself so well? You know that he arrives late and leaves early or even sleeps (yep, I had that) at the office and still he is the one being promoted! Let’s face it, ladies! Sometimes, we are just […]

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Love, Dream and Dance Workout to Beat the Heat

When it is hot it might sometimes be a challenge to motivate yourself to workout. A good compromise to get started is to do some stretching and relax. We have made this meditation and stretching exercise to help you sort your thoughts, relax and feel great about yourself. And if you are not able to […]

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Redcurrant Smoothie Bowl

I always try to adapt our recipes to the supply of seasonal fruits. In Austria, the redcurrant season has just started and it immediately inspired me to make this smoothie bowl: You need: A small bowl of redcurrant 1 Banana 250g of (low fat) natural yoghurt Optional: juice of 1 lime Remove the stem of […]

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How to Check the Progress of Your Fitness Journey

Some time ago, I published a post about why I do not weigh myself. A lot of women rely on weighing themselves to track the progress of their fitness and wellness journey. But when you consider the two words fitness and wellness, it becomes clear that you should look at much more than merely the […]

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How to Negotiate Successfully to Get What You Want

Negotiating… we all have to do it and most of as dread it. But actually, it is not as difficult as you might think. Let me help you with my 7 top tips to get what you want: 1. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. One of the most fundamental mistakes […]

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Glamour Planks

Let’s focus on our core. You probably know this exercise – the Glamour Plank is one of the most important exercises to train your belly. It also is great for your shoulders and back.   Try to do it for 30-60 seconds. Don’t worry, it might be a bit hard if you do it for the […]

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How to Beat Distraction and Get Your Things Done

That moment when you finally sit down to focus on this task you have been wanting to do for a while. You start working on it and suddenly – beep beep – a message on Whatsapp. Oh, this is such a cool link to a post on Facebook! And what have my friends been up to […]

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