Power Breakfast Bowl

A great day starts with a good breakfast. I always make sure that I eat well in the morning to have enough energy the whole day. This is one of my favourite breakfast bowls – I really like it because it reminds me of summers in Greece at the beach. I think that is what […]

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Apricot Smoothie Bowl

Because we have not reached the final days of the apricot season as yet, I have created another smoothie bowl for you. And to show you that there is no need to buy a whole lot of ingredients and spend a lot of money, I only used two ingredients. I have also added some further […]

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Redcurrant Smoothie Bowl

I always try to adapt our recipes to the supply of seasonal fruits. In Austria, the redcurrant season has just started and it immediately inspired me to make this smoothie bowl: You need: A small bowl of redcurrant 1 Banana 250g of (low fat) natural yoghurt Optional: juice of 1 lime Remove the stem of […]

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Unicorn Yoghurt Smoothie Bowl

The unicorn trend is nothing new on the internet but after Starbucks launched their unicorn drink as a special edition last week, it seems that everybody is only talking about unicorns. I do love them too, but I prefer a healthy option over a sugary drink. If you feel the same, I have created this […]

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Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

There is nothing better than a great start into the day. Especially if it is a pink smoothie bowl! As some fruits are not always available throughout the year, a great tip is to freeze them. This is what I did with raspberries. And now I can enjoy them anytime without having them shipped from […]

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