Glamour Style Guide – How to Pack Your Gym Bag

I am actually a very organized person, but sometimes I can be a bit forgetful and clumsy. Therefore, I have put together a small list to help myself and you to pack your gym bag. Refillable Water Bottle Always stay hydrated. I bring my water bottle everywhere to make sure I drink enough. Headphones Bring […]

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Glamour Guide: Office Dress Code

Throughout my career, I have changed industries, countries and positions and office dress codes have changed as much. When I started working at an office alongside my Master’s studies, I started doing some research on office dress codes. Very soon I realized that as much as work environments have changed, so have dress codes and […]

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Wedding Dress Code – What to Wear at Your Best Friend’s Wedding

The time from May until September is very popular for weddings. Have you also received invitations for weddings this year? Do you already know what you are going to wear? Or are you still not sure what is OK to wear? Let me help you with this 🙂 Rule Number 1: DO NOT OUTSHINE THE BRIDE You […]

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Find the Perfect Eyewear for Your Face Shape

With summer approaching with big steps, you might be looking for a new pair of sunglasses to complete your beach look. But which style of sunglasses is actually the right one for your face shape? Optician Andrea Caputi from Ottica Caputi in Rome, Italy, is sharing his advice with you to make sure that you find the perfect eyewear. […]

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