Glamour Guide: Office Dress Code

Throughout my career, I have changed industries, countries and positions and office dress codes have changed as much. When I started working at an office alongside my Master’s studies, I started doing some research on office dress codes. Very soon I realized that as much as work environments have changed, so have dress codes and […]

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Glamour Queen All Fours

Let’s work out together! This is an amazing exercise for your core and your back! And it will help you improve coordination and balance body and mind. Kneel down on all fours and tighten your belly. Stretch your left arm forward and your right leg backward. Diagonally pull them together below your body. Pull your belly […]

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Fragrant Roses Dance to Make You Feel Great

Isn’t this just beautiful? This is the hall of mirrors at Esterhazy Palace in Austria. Join us with our Fragrant Roses Dance. It is made of elements of ballet, yoga and stretching and also serves as a meditation exercise. Listen to the beautiful music and feel great about yourself! Don’t we all have a little […]

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What to Compromise and not to Compromise for Your Relationship

Relationships are so beautiful, but also a lot of work. A lot of people think that the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship is compromise and I fully agree. Let me tell you which things you should and should not compromise on for your happy relationship. Do not compromise on… … your core values […]

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Closet Detox

As you might have guessed from my previous posts, I dedicate myself a lot on ways to manage stress. It is a sad fact, but stress has become an all-time “friend” of our lives. I recently talked to a couple of friends and asked what they do to destress. The answers were actually quite interesting: […]

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