You know this friend: she is so confident, walking around like a supermodel and how she moves is just so elegant? You know the trick behind this? It is your posture. Unfortunately, I refused to attend ballet classes when I was a kid but now I wish I had done it. It would have given me a great posture without even thinking about it. Instead, I catch myself very often standing or sitting in a very bad posture which often results in back pain. If you are like me, probably also spending the majority of your day sitting at work, let me share some tricks I use to improve my posture:

1. The 90-90 rule

When you sit, make sure your chair is adjusted at the optimal height for you: your legs should form a 90 degree angle and your upper body should also be in a 90 degree angle to your thighs.

2. Use support

If you spend the majority of the day sitting, try using some tools to help improving your posture. I found a yoga ball as a substitute for an office chair really useful – I found it a bit silly in the beginning but it really helps me not to get comfortable in a bad posture. In my previous job, we all got adjustable desks that we could use sitting and standing. I found this really nice to get some variety and was standing most of the times when we discussed topics.

3. Look up and rule your catwalk

It is a very simple piece of advice: look up! Not only will it make you appear more self-confident but it will immediately improve your posture. Think of supermodels ruling the catwalk – they always look up. Even with the highest heels, they never look down and look so graceful. So can you!

4. Stretch

Every now and then, roll your shoulders and pull them back. It will help you to get back in a good posture.

5. Practice and remind yourself

If you tend to have your shoulders fall forward, remind yourself every hour to pull them back. This might seem like quite a hassle in the beginning, but once you make it a routine, you will see it really helps.

You will see, if you have a great posture, it will boost your confidence. And confidence means beauty 😉



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