• Taking time for yourself.
  • Finally saying “no” to some tasks at work or to doing favours for that certain friend.
  • Eating that tiny bit of chocolate.
  • Binge-watching this really dumb show on TV.
  • Again, not managing to regularly tidy up your work emails.
  • Speaking up at the meeting and actively stating your opinion.
  • Asking for a pay rise.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Still keeping that picture of your dream holiday as a screen saver.
  • Taking compliments for tasks that you successfully accomplished. You earned the praise!!!
  • Staying in with your cat instead of going to that super cool party.
  • Buying that pair of shoes for which you saved for so long.
  • Aiming at a job that is actually your passion and that you love doing.
  • Still keeping that ugly T-shirt for a comfy Sunday at home.
  • Believing in yourself.

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