Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away! I am travelling a lot for work and also because my friends and family are spread across the world. As exciting as flying can be, it can also affect your skin. Let me share my tips to protect your skin while travelling.

Take off your makeup.

Before a long-haul flight, I always take off my make-up. If you feel uncomfortable walking around the airport without any makeup, take it off when you are on the plane. The easiest way is to use makeup remover wipes – because you can get trough security with them and you do not need to leave your seat on the plane for doing it. I usually re-apply makeup after leaving the plane and before picking up my luggage.


Once you have removed your makeup, use some moisturizer. I not only moisturize my face but also my hands (I use disinfectant wipes for my hands on the plane and they make my hands really dry). Do not forget to re-moisturize before you re-apply your makeup.

Stay hydrated.

It is really important to stay hydrated while on the plane. The air is really dry and you need to “moisturize” your skin from the inside as well. I always buy one or two bottles of water after security to make sure I drink enough while on the plane. Usually, in the back of the plane, there are some drinks available as well. I just find it easier to have everything with me.

Pack healthy snacks.

I have mentioned this in a couple of posts already, but it is important to remember: what you eat is how you look. This is also true while travelling. I am not a big fan of the meals you get on the plane and often it is really hard to find healthy eating options at the airport. Therefore, I pre-pack some snacks – some nuts or homemade granola bars for example.

What are your beauty tips for travelling?

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