We all know this enemy, waiting for us in the bathroom and most of the time not telling us what we want to see. Since I was a chubby kid, I have been terrified of weighing myself. I remember weighing myself as a kid every day and obsessing over 200 grams I might have gained. It was a really frustrating experience and until today, I only weigh myself rarely, basically only when I have to. But in recent years, I have realized that my enemy does not have any power over me anymore. Your weight is only part of your wellness journey. Of course, you can draw some conclusions from it, but I realized that for me other factors are far more important to check if I have my ideal shape:

1. Do my clothes fit?

I am not talking about new clothes you try on at the store (clothing sizes in my opinion have become so different from brand to brand: sometimes I am an S, other times an XL, stay tuned for my article about this topic). Take your favourite pair of jeans you have had for a while. Does it still fit? Then it is a good sign that your body stayed the same. When I established an exercise routine and started eating healthier, I could see that my clothes became too big after some time.

2. Am I sleepy or full of energy?

If I stop exercising or start eating unhealthy, I can immediately feel it. Usually, I am sleepier. And on these days, I can also tell that this lack of energy is also an indicator of me gaining weight.

3. Before-after pictures

They are all over the internet now and they can be a really good indicator of how your body changes. I am not a big fan of standing in front of the mirror and taking a picture of myself half-naked. If you are like me, go through your camera roll and compare old pictures of recent ones. You can also see a difference there.

4. Are my belly, thighs, buttocks, arms less wobbly?

If you exercise, your weight might not change the way you expected: sometimes it will not change at all or you might even gain weight. But this does not mean that you are not successful. Even though you might gain in terms of weight, your body might be more slender. I can tell that I am achieving my goals when my belly, thighs, buttox and arms are less “wobbly” and therefore firmer.

5. Do I like what I see?

When you look into the mirror: do you like what you see? We all have imperfections that make us more interesting. Therefore, focus on the overall image: are you happy with yourself? Even though I know I am not perfect and that there are small things I do not particularly like, I love myself the way I am.




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