Happiness is a journey, not a destination.


Happiness often seems like a very difficult goal to reach. But it is something that you can actively work on. It is about how you enjoy every moment. Do not think that happiness is something that you will ultimately achieve, it is a way of life. So how can you be happier? Try my tips below, maybe the journey will get easier!

1. Kick Negative Thoughts Out of Your “House”

A friend of mine told me: Negative thoughts are like people you invite to your house. Once you let them in, you offer them tea, you chat with them. The more comfortable they feel, the less likely they are to leave. If you let negative thoughts in your house (= your mind), it is very easy that they dominate what you are thinking about and positive thoughts cannot join because there is no more space. So, next time when you catch yourself having negative thoughts, kick them out of your “house” and do not serve them any tea. Invite the good thoughts!

2. Find a Place to Relax and Spend Some “Me Time”

Our surroundings tend to get louder, our days more stressful and being constantly connected with our phones makes it hard to relax. We tend to occupy ourselves with stress at work and social lives but it is very important to invest in ourselves. Try to find a space that enables you to unwind. It can be a spot in your apartment, a coffee shop, or in the park, for example. Try to be in this space regularly. When you spend time there, turn off your phone. Just try think about the positive things that happened during your day. It might be a bit awkward or difficult at first. But you will see, it will help. If you struggle to find your peaceful space, treat yourself: have a massage, drink a nice cup of tea or read a good book.

3. Cut Your Social Media Use

By following other people online, we tend to occupy ourselves with their life, not our own. Also, remember that most of the people only report about positive stuff going on in their lives. Therefore, it may appear that they always lead happy and lives. You might be tempted to think that you are doing something wrong because your life is not as exciting and happy as theirs. Focus on good thoughts and the things that are great about your own life and not other people’s online presence. It is easier to be satisfied and happy with what you achieved yourself.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

I love spending time with friends and family and I also try to be very supportive. However, there are some people who will only suck up your positive energy. No matter how motivating and positive I was, certain people always had a negative attitude. When I realized that their behaviour also had a negative impact on my happiness, I reduced the time I spend with them. It does not mean that you have to end the friendship, but be very smart about choosing the right time to meet them (definitely when you are in a good mood, because they certainly won’t help you overcome a bad phase with their negative attitude).

Enjoy your happiness journey! 🙂

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