Spa Etiquette

Ladies’ Guide: All You Need to Know about Spa Etiquette

I bet you love it as much as I do – the feeling when you leave the nail spa, the hair salon or the massage parlour and just feel fabulous.  To respect the people who make us feel fabulous, I have put together a quick spa etiquette for you. General rules Keep your phone time […]

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Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

Healthy Post-Workout Snacks – What I Eat as a Pick-Me-Up after Exercising

About 20 to 30 minutes after my workout, I need a healthy post-workout snack to pick me up. Here are my favourites I store in my fridge: Mixed nuts I always have a box of nuts at home – I love cashews, almonds and pistachios and eat them as a snack after my workout. You […]

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Maintain Friendship

How to Maintain Friendships in Different Stages of Your Life

I think we have all been in this situation: you graduate from university, move for your job, you are the only single girl in your group or the first one to get married. It can be isolating and feel lonely, right? I have been through all of this as well. I have maintained friendships with […]

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