3 Tips to Stay Focussed at Work

It is after the holidays and we all know it: this time when you sit in front of your laptop and stare into it. You can barely keep your eyes open and keeping focussed is really tough. It might happen in the morning. For me, it is always around 3pm after lunch. So, what can we do […]

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Imperial Detox

Do not forget to drink enough today! Bored with plain water? Just add some flavour to it and it will not only taste delicious but will make you feel so much better. Here’s our drink: You need: 1 glass of water (room temperature; about 0.3 litres) Juice of ½ a lemon 1-2 pieces of ginger It’s […]

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How to Find Your Workout Pal

We all know the problem – sometimes we are not motivated to workout, we don’t want to the gym or we would really like to stay on the couch and watch TV. The best recipe against this problem is find a friend who supports you. If you schedule workout dates with friends you are less […]

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