Glamour Style Guide – How to Pack Your Gym Bag

I am actually a very organized person, but sometimes I can be a bit forgetful and clumsy. Therefore, I have put together a small list to help myself and you to pack your gym bag. Refillable Water Bottle Always stay hydrated. I bring my water bottle everywhere to make sure I drink enough. Headphones Bring […]

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Ladylike Essentials: Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym

For a lot of us, gyms have become a very important place in addition to our home and office. To make this place as nice and comfortable as possible for everyone, I have put together this brief gym etiquette guide for you: What to Wear There has been quite some discussion about what is appropriate […]

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Love, Dream and Dance Workout to Beat the Heat

When it is hot it might sometimes be a challenge to motivate yourself to workout. A good compromise to get started is to do some stretching and relax. We have made this meditation and stretching exercise to help you sort your thoughts, relax and feel great about yourself. And if you are not able to […]

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Letter from Elisabeth – Caution! This Is a Very Personal One

Hi all, This is a very personal post and it took me some time to finally stop procrastinating about it and share this with you. As you might have noticed, my website has been a bit quiet the past couple of weeks. One obvious reason was the summer holidays. Yes, finally! Since I started this […]

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How to Check the Progress of Your Fitness Journey

Some time ago, I published a post about why I do not weigh myself. A lot of women rely on weighing themselves to track the progress of their fitness and wellness journey. But when you consider the two words fitness and wellness, it becomes clear that you should look at much more than merely the […]

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Glamour Planks

Let’s focus on our core. You probably know this exercise – the Glamour Plank is one of the most important exercises to train your belly. It also is great for your shoulders and back.   Try to do it for 30-60 seconds. Don’t worry, it might be a bit hard if you do it for the […]

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Pink Sapphires Dance to Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes, all you need to do is dance! Our Pink Sapphires Dance is a boost for your confidence. Dance to Chopin’s beautiful waltz and feel graceful, sexy and loved! You can do it with or without the scarf. Just follow the video. And you will see, it will make you feel so much better about everything! […]

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Letter from Elisabeth

Hello, Glamour Queens! I hope you are all having a great start into May. Spring has finally arrived, or if you live in the tropical regions, the really hot season has arrived as well 🙂 We have lined up some great topics for you this month. First of all, we are continuing with our beauty […]

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The Anywhere Workout

You just got ready for working out outside and suddenly it starts raining. On your business trip you are staying in a hotel with a really bad gym room. This week, your kids are at home a lot and you just cannot get outside to work out. All these situations might serve as a great […]

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Insecurities and “Flaws” that are Normal and that We All Have

The perfect body, partner, career – as women, we are constantly pressured into being perfect. But what does “perfect” actually mean? Does it mean that we all have to look and be the same and correspond to an ideal the media have established? Is it not our imperfections and our personality that make us special? […]

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