As a follow-up to my Beginners’ Glamour Guide to Lipstick, I have put together this eye makeup guide for you. Eye makeup has a lot of impact and there are countless ways how to accentuate your eyes and make them stand out. But first, let’s start with the basics, all you need to know about eye shadow:

1. Make sure the skin around your eyes is not dry.

Use cremes regularly to keep the skin around your eyes smooth. There is nothing worse than eye shadow or eye liner applied on parts of dry skin.

2. Cover bags with concealer.

I will go into further detail on how to use concealer in the Beginners’ Guide to Face Makeup, but I would like to mention here that you should cover under-eye bags with a concealer which is a shade lighter than your foundation. If you tend to have under-eye bags often, please avoid very dramatic makeup, as this will just highlight your bags. Check out my post about how to get rid of under-eye bags.

3. Which one to choose?

Eyeshadow is available as powder, pencils, creams and comes in thousands of shades, with glitter or gloss. In the end, it is always a matter of personal preferences and taste. I use powder most of the time.

4. Keep it natural or go bold?

During the day, I prefer a natural look. I also make sure that I choose a type of eyeshadow and style that stays the same even on a long day. I do not like shades that are to dark during the day, as they tend to smudge on the lid. I keep some darker shades with me if I go out after work to add some drama. And, of course, I go bold for a big night out.

5. How to apply…

… eye shadow

Apply light shades as a base with a big, fluffy brush. I tend to use a very light cream tone as I think white is a bit too aggressive. Apply it over the whole lid – covering the area from the lash line until your brows. Do not forget to also cover the inner corners of your eyes to add highlights. Apply a darker colour – I usually go for a light brown tone – on the outer half of your lid from the lash line to the eyelid crease. Smudge with your fingers. Apply a lighter tone (I use a tone between cream and the brown tone on the outer side) from the inner part of your eye until the part covered with the darker tone. Smudge the lines with your fingers.

… eyeliner

To add more drama, I usually apply black eye liner on the upper lid. Black adds drama. For a softer look, use a dark brown eyeliner. You can either use liquid or pencil eyeliners. Alternatively, you can use a wet brush and black eye shadow powder. I prefer the pencil and then I smudge the lines to achieve a more natural look.

… mascara

Finish the look with some mascara – please do not apply too much. Your lashes should look long and “fluffy”, not like the legs of a fly 😉 An eyelash curler helps to bring your lashes in shape. Use the curler before you apply the mascara.

6. How to accentuate your eyes.

To make your eyes look bigger, apply eyeliner around the whole eye. If your eyes are deep-set, light colours can help to bring them out. If you apply dark colours on your deep-set eyes, you will accentuate it even more that they are deep-set. After a long night, avoid to wear heavy makeup. Highlight your eyes with a light shade of eyeshadow and use some mascara. A lot of makeup will make your eyes look even more tired.

When I did some research about etiquette some years ago, I came across an article saying that makeup which is badly applied is worse than no makeup. And I completely agree with that. Always make sure that you look well groomed. If you do not have a lot of time, go for simple and natural eye makeup. Trust me, this is better than badly applied smoky eyes.



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