About 20 to 30 minutes after my workout, I need a healthy post-workout snack to pick me up. Here are my favourites I store in my fridge:

Mixed nuts

I always have a box of nuts at home – I love cashews, almonds and pistachios and eat them as a snack after my workout. You can also keep them at your desk at the office, if you go to the gym at lunch time.


Fruits have become my best friend when it comes to after workout snacks. You know this sugar craving kicking in half an hour after your workout? It would be really tempting to have some sweets. I combat this craving by eating an apple or a banana because they are easy to carry with me. If I am at home, I have a fruit salad.

Smoothies or juices

I also carry a small bottle with a smoothie with me. I stay away from pre-made smoothies from the supermarket, as I cannot control which ingredients are in there. I usually mix it before I leave in the morning. Alternatively, I have freshly pressed juices from the supermarket – most of the supermarkets now have juice bars. My favourite is watermelon juice or coconut water.

Last resort – dark chocolate

And if you really cannot resist your chocolate cravings, opt for a small piece of dark chocolate. Sometimes we need to give in to our cravings to avoid being overwhelmed by them at a later stage. Therefore, bear in mind: a piece of dark chocolate is totally fine, but you should not finish a whole cake after your workout. But I think this makes sense, right? 🙂

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