I bet you love it as much as I do – the feeling when you leave the nail spa, the hair salon or the massage parlour and just feel fabulous.  To respect the people who make us feel fabulous, I have put together a quick spa etiquette for you.

General rules

Keep your phone time at a limit – it is really disrespectful of everyone else in the spa to have them listen to your calls. Unless it is a really important call, shift your phone calls to a later point.

Tip accordingly – it depends on the country but usually I tip the person doing the job. the best way is to tip in cash.

Always be on time. I actually try to be 10 minutes early for my appointments.

Nail salon

Please shower or wash your feet before you go to the nail spa. Also, please shave your legs because it is not really pleasant for the person doing your nails and massaging your feet and legs to have a “hairy experience”.

Hair salon

As we all want to avoid sitting at home crying after the hairdresser, communicate your ideas for your haircut clearly. When you have the feeling that it is going into the wrong direction, please tell your hairstylist immediately.

Waxing salon

I should not have to mention here but you would be surprised how many people do not do it: please shower before you go for your waxing. It is a very intimate service and you want to be well groomed for it.

Massage parlor

Communicate your needs beforehand and also during the massage. It makes it easier to adjust the service for you, for example, if you are in need for less pressure during the massage.


Make sure to inform the person doing your treatments about the needs of your skin and potential allergic reactions. If you feel that you are reacting badly to a certain treatment, inform the staff immediately.

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