The Art of Making Your Work Visible and Shine at Your Job

Have you ever been in a meeting room and you were amazed by this colleague who sells himself so well? You know that he arrives late and leaves early or even sleeps (yep, I had that) at the office and still he is the one being promoted! Let’s face it, ladies! Sometimes, we are just […]

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What Clothing Sizes Do not Tell You

Do you know this situation when you are in the fitting room, trying on a new pair of jeans. And suddenly you realize that you do not fit into the same size of your favourite jeans you just bought a year ago? You try closing it standing up, sitting down, even lying on the floor and […]

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Boost Your Body Confidence

“I don’t like my thighs.” “Oh my god, my bum looks so fat. I need to do something about my belly and my cellulite.” “Even my super gorgeous friend constantly finds something she dislikes about her body, so something must be wrong with my body as well…” “If I only lost a bit of weight, my […]

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How to Get Things Done

Do you have this really long list of tasks that seems to be impossible to get done? Would you be in the mood to just give up? Or even worse: these tasks have been there for so long and you avoid doing them by focusing on other things? No need to procrastinate, you can do it! Just follow […]

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Diamond Challenge – Reach for the Stars

You made it to week 2 of our #diamondchallenge and this week’s exercises focus not only on shaping your body but also on improving your coordination. Put your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and move your legs to the back. Lift up your left arm from the floor and stretch it out toward the […]

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5 Steps to Better Sleep

Did you wake up this morning after a decent time of sleep and still feel exhausted, unhappy and tired? Let me help you to get the good sleep you need for your beauty and mind: What You Eat Is How You Sleep Make sure you do not go to bed hungry or with a really […]

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Mango Banana Smoothie

Hungry in the afternoon and craving for something sweet? Forget about cookies and chocolate. This smoothie is a delicious dessert that will stop your sugar craving. 2 bananas 1 mango Juice of half a lemon 300ml water 5-8 ice cubes (optional) (Serves 2) Peel the banana and the mango. Remove the pit of the mango. […]

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Diamond Challenge Shape Up Day 2

It is Shape Up Day 2 of our #diamondchallenge and today we focus on one of the most popular and important exercises: the Glamour Plank. This exercise is not only helping you to get a flat belly but also targeting your back and shoulders. Lie down on your mat. Put your forearms on the mat […]

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Glam Detox Drink

Drinking enough is not only necessary but is very healthy, will help you slim down and get great skin. However, plain water can be a bit boring. Just add some things to give it a bit of flavour and enhance the health benefits of your drink – it can help your digestion, strengthen your immune […]

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Imperial Detox

Do not forget to drink enough today! Bored with plain water? Just add some flavour to it and it will not only taste delicious but will make you feel so much better. Here’s our drink: You need: 1 glass of water (room temperature; about 0.3 litres) Juice of ½ a lemon 1-2 pieces of ginger It’s […]

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