Emergency Procedure: Get Ready in Less than 15 Minutes

Such a lovely dream, you are at the beach, the sun is shining and suddenly there is this alarm – what is that? Is it a shop alarm? No… Beep, beep, beep NOOOOO, it is the alarm. You jump up in bed, check the time and you should have been at the office already 15 […]

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How to Stay Fit without Breaking the Bank

Gym memberships, yoga classes, fitness DVDs, apps – the range of fitness alternatives is huge but a lot of them require you to spend quite some money. What can you do to stay fit without breaking the bank? These alternatives show you it is actually not that difficult: 1. Include free exercise activities when you […]

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Why You Should be Careful with Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat … sigh … social media has become part of our lives. And do not get me wrong, I love social media and especially the opportunities they offer for small businesses. Let’s be realistic here: without social media, I could not connect with you, I would not have been able to […]

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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out in the Morning

The alarm goes off at 6am to wake you for your morning workout and instead of immediately jumping out of bed you hit “snooze” – 5 times. Sounds like you? After my post about lunch time workouts, some of you have asked me if I work out in the mornings as well. And yes, I […]

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Can I Train My Mind Like I Train My Body?

With March being almost over, it means that it has already been 3 months after we set our goals and resolutions for 2017. For some of us it was getting in shape, for others the goals were more career focussed. Do you already see progress towards reaching your goals? No? What is the reason for that? […]

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Glamour Queen All Fours

Let’s work out together! This is an amazing exercise for your core and your back! And it will help you improve coordination and balance body and mind. Kneel down on all fours and tighten your belly. Stretch your left arm forward and your right leg backward. Diagonally pull them together below your body. Pull your belly […]

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Motivational Productivity Boost: Writing a Diary

Throughout my studies and professional experience, all of my mentors told me to start writing a diary regularly. It took me a while to start this habit. But once I integrated journaling into my daily routine, I realized how much it increased my motivation and productivity. This is how and why I do it: 1. […]

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How to Work Out in Your Lunch Break

It can be tough to wake up in the morning for your workout. And with after-work-obligations – meeting friends, dinner meetings or family gatherings – it can be difficult to work out after we are done at the office. A good compromise can be to work out during your lunch break. You think one hour is not […]

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Lack of Motivation – What Can I Do about It?

It is March, 2 months after we started the New Year with all our great New Year’s Resolutions. Have you also started pursuing your goals like a pro at the beginning of the year and now you are feeling that you are losing your motivation? Do not worry, I will help you get back on […]

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Rise and Shine Morning Routine

Happy Monday, everyone!  It can be tough to start the week after a really nice weekend. When the alarm goes off in the morning, we wish it could still be Saturday. I have to say, I do have this feeling too. But being a morning person, I try to start my day as positively as […]

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